Horse riding
Kazakh people used to be Nomads. Thus, horses are one of the most iconic animals in Kazakh culture.
It takes about 30 minutes to go out of the city to ride a horse. We will bring you to the closest location, where you may try to ride the horse with instructor, in grou or by your self.
We will pick you up from hotel or any other place in Astana..  
Type of ticket Price per person, KZT (USD)*
Without instructor per person (30 minutes) 50
With instructor (30 minutes) 60
Poni for kids (10 minutes) complement
Riding out of the camp (1 hour) 100
*payment should be done in national currency tenge. The USD price in brackets are showed as indication of exchange rate (1 USD= 320 KZT). 
*no prepayment through web-site. Payment is done to guide or driver at tour day. Transfer is included to the price.